Right Mind

In the World of Physicality…the Right mind takes a back seat. It’s easy to become a thinker only and forget that there is even a choice for what source to fuel the everyday human experience. Ohhh there are those musicians and poets, those flighty, airy, dreamy type right? That certainly is how certain people see Right brain individuals. In actuality a Right brained Individual is very solid, sure footed and confident. It is really a very powerful position to be in, Observing versus being involved in the Dramas of life, Clear headed, free and happy. Having instead of needing.

The confidence comes from knowing answers are in everything versus constantly working, questioning, worrying, having to come up with solutions to life’s incessant race to get more, be more, and have more.

Life is always teaching us to look outward for meaning, contrast and comparison. That we must Strive instead of Thrive as is our True Nature of Being. We are possessors of, not searchers for. We are being taught through mediums such as Magazines, Movies, Television Programming, Internet and Social Networking that to achieve in life we must acquire status. We must pay our quota of time and sacrifice to be successful in this World. When in Reality we have everything we could ever need or want within our own selves.

It is crucial for all peoples on this Earth to have some sort of Awakening to begin important processes of Atoning (Making amends or Reparation) and Resurrecting (Restore to Life) our awareness of our True Nature. We must begin first to see in some way…“Reality”. Most of us are living in perception through the Nature of the Limited Mind (Soul less Mind). Our True eyes of Reality are found through Being Present in an Observant position that allows for Truth however it may come, to shine its light. That happens through Right Mind practicing.

So many of us are starving on a very full stomach! But how will one Know how to let our light shine or make life easy not burdensome if we haven’t a clue about where these tools exist? We have been led down a road of opposite thinking and confusion and yes for a reason. I will term it as “Soul Aerobics”. It is for the clear and simple purpose to Experience outwardly what you are Inwardly. Freedom to get lost, to expand emptiness, or simply to experience opposition to your True Nature. This is Invaluable. We are developing the tools of Creatorship.

However we decide to see this is ours to choose and we here at “Enter The Right Mind” choose to Celebrate!

It is Exciting and Empowering to know that there are those here offering this information giving direction in practicing tools for living a life of happiness and fulfillment.

The Right brain, higher mind or the creative mind. I refer to it as the “GOD BRAIN” Or… The Garden of Eden.

The Right mind has a very smooth energy, it is an Illumined, Creative, All knowing source. The Right Mind is the Sure place. Peace,Love and Equanimity are found here. The Right Mind is limit free. This mind is connected to your Heart. This is the Being source. The “I Am”, The “Light”, The “Life” and The “Savior of All Mankind” are just a few descriptions of the Nature of the Right Mind. The Right Mind is the Window to the Soul, Humble, pure, all powerful. Who we are is found here. The Garden of Eden…Innocence, Eternal Life, Tree of life, Kind, Benevolent, Purity, Charity, Oneness, Connection, Stillness, “Heaven”, Gratitude, Joy, Acceptance, Warmth, Freedom, Answers, Wholeness. One that sources this Right Mind would be called Visionary, Prophetic, Miracle Worker, An Intuitive, A Christ, A Revelator, A Healer, A Peacemaker, A Seer, Divine or Strange.

Right Mindedness promotes Clarity, Honesty, Happiness, Joyful feelings, Peacemaking and Unifying. Right Mind would suggest that Answers are in everything, that Free Will trumps everything and to always remember that you are Divine. The Right Mind stays in the Right Mind.

This mind does not challenge or battle, it is Pure and undefiled. There isn’t a hunger or pain found here for the Right Mind knows Truth. Anything other than this Intelligence is just an Illusion. The Right Mind just is and has no need or want for anything. The Right Mind is All, The One, The Light, Life Everlasting, Perfect in it’s Nature,

The Place of Peace and Rest, It is Home, It does not Waiver nor does it resist and there is nothing that can Injure this Nature. You will begin to notice having more energy, improved health, you wake up feeling refreshed and you smile more often when you spend more time in The Right Mind. This is the mind of Miracles. This Mind has answers, Ideas, inspiration, laughter, happiness, ease, and vision.

This mind is the best friend, the best advisor, the best partner of all. This Mind has the Information and Vibration needed to Ascend.

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