The experience I had with Jesus six years ago happened as I lay pondering this overwhelming feeling of loss and abandonment felt in the World. I heard a voice say to me very clearly and calmly, “Tell Them What I Would Say”. It was like a Ray of Light shining in the dark coming to bring Hope. I could hear and feel the Strength and Ease in His voice. I knew immediately who it was. Jesus had guided me through the healing of Melanoma many years before and since that time I have continued to inquire of life and love receiving answers to much of life’s mystery.

Asking isn’t always a verbal thing. Feelings are powerful! When you have questions about life or just maybe curiosity about things in your life, you want answers. Isn’t it time to start asking and receiving?

Once I began to answer the clear and calm voice of comfort there was such a feeling of peace and warmth just waiting for me. This experience certainly didn’t wash away the Reality of my Human Nature, it brought clarity about the need for having an ongoing dialog of Ask and Receive. Especially at this moment in time when so many shifts are taking place on this Planet.

Asking, What Would Jesus Say? and waiting for the Answers whether it be through submitting the questions to Me, to Ask on your behalf or doing it yourselves can change the World. Either way is going to be a very powerful thing for a shift in energy to take place. Bringing Clarity, brings Peace and Hope. This will also be a way for each Individual on this Planet to do something to help make a difference. Let’s each start with ourselves in making this World a better place to Be by first Asking and then waiting for an Answer. By receiving answers to your questions you find purpose and fulfillment in living.

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