Left Mind

Inside of this World we find a majority of Left Brained people. We can take a look around ourselves and see into the state of affairs clearly seeing the beauty and the beast here. That is if you are aware of what Mind has possessed these things. When we become familiar with the Nature of the Left Brain we see lines, boundary, laws and judgments governing here. This Tapestry of Enforcements has been placed here to quench the desire for Safety and Order. The Left Brain is expressing physical awareness. It does not see the Soul or relate to it. It’s an every man for himself type of Nature. A Mind that is Fragile must sure up its Borders and produce a system of checks and balances. Without Inner Awareness of Strength and Eternal Natures we will see the necessity for Law and Order. For the Wolf will take over the Hen house! We must first possess the Vibration that comes from living Compassion and Charity for the effects to follow. Fear and Despair bare fruits of Fear and Despair. It is most important to remember that when we give up our power to the Left Mind it can only produce what it possesses. If we desire Peace we must practice Peace. The Left Mind Knows nothing of Peace.

The Left Brain has a great purpose in running certain bodily functions and can produce analytics, measurement and equation for dividing and building certain structures but the Left Brain is best suited for being the Servant instead of the Master. Because we haven’t been taught the correct way of living through the Mind of Oneness and completeness, the Left seems to be the sure mind, the mind of order. Do not be fooled into believing for one moment that the Left Brain can bring you to the promised land. It’s a Brain based in Fear. The Left Brain is an empty puppet without a puppeteer. The Intention, the Insight, the Will to feel and create comes from the Right Brain. You see… the Left Brain is all talk with pride and ego running the show. The Left Brain does not possess the Intelligence to exist beyond physical limit.

The Left Brain is perfect for giving us the 5 sensory experience. It delivers the messages that it receives very well. Even to our detriment like confusion. It will produce the fruit from confusion in our body as the message received makes place in our body specific to where it relates to its function. Function like Anger/Liver, loss of the Sweetness of life/Pancreas etc… The two sided meaning to the Brain as Left and Right will aid us in mentoring our life from the proper sourcing. We have a choice to give away our power to the machine like rules and regulations type of mind or choose to turn to Eternal Intelligence unlimited where Ease and Clarity are found. Here at “Enter The Right Mind” we choose Ease and Clarity! Celebrating life is sooo much funner than measuring up!

The left brain, lower brain, the primitive brain. I refer to it as the “Luciferian Brain” Or the Lone and Dreary World. This part of the Brain is filled with Pride, limits, Ego, Rules, Judgements, Fear, Pain, Lust, Illusion, Doubt, False promises, Worry, Punishment, Guilt, Shame and Disease.

The Left Brain is always chatting, reminding you that you aren’t enough, Driving you to “Do” more, get more, and to have more. Identifying you as your Body, fragile, broken, alone, physical/mortal, promoting Love of Money, Greed, Control and Perfectionism. Reminding you that you are not safe. Left Brain is Black and White, Good or Bad, leading one to believe that if you are Strong enough, pretty enough, popular enough, famous enough or Rich enough, you will be enough. Left Brain instructs; If you are funny they will like you and you won’t feel so scared. If you get your Degree, your Masters, your PHD, people will think you are special. When you feel emptiness… fill yourself with food. Surround yourself with things. Adorn yourself with Jewels and Gold. Always find a way to be seen as important. Join a gang, a society, a club. Be a part of a group that is Special. Think… always think.

The Left Brain produces very Robotic like responses. Left Brain promotes materialism, outward seeing and the belief that things matter. You must be smart or be above others to avoid feeling sad, lonely or ignored. Left Brain says, Create rules for your safety. If you are right, you win and be busy so you don’t have a moment to feel this empty place. You must keep busy to seem important and to feel needed. Surround yourself with jobs, callings and family. Don’t leave a moment open for Doubt or Questioning, it challenges your safety, your foundation. Make rules of right and wrong so that you have some way of control. You must have boundaries or else what might happen? Who would you be? What would you do? Ah, go to school! Get a great job with good insurance. Go every week to your group meetings, you will belong, you will be a member. Be on a board or a committee. Be the President of your club. Be accomplished with many badges of merit. Wear a uniform that signifies your position. Meet often in groups to plan your plan to keep you feeling purposeful. Applaud each other to help you feel you have done good. Create a sense of safety and importance by joining with others in developing Societies requiring Membership, earning titles and rewards for certain achievement. Then go and share this…increase your numbers. You will become very powerful. Do things in secret to create a curiosity and others will want to join you so that one day they might be able to also hold those secrets. This creates a feeling of importance. You must Strive for perfection. Do not allow yourself to associate with anyone below your level of Status. Develop a curriculum of Hierarchy and levels of Enlightenments. Create systems of Authority to keep controls and order. Create mystery and intrigue. Categorize and separate into groups. Become very social with your tribe to build strongholds.

The Left Brain is trying to take charge, begin ruling and taking Dominion over the whole house instead of being the servant as it was created, to offer experience through the physical. It is like a constant battle or war going on inside. Choice is the battleground. Free will or Control. The Left Brain is based in Fear always shoring up ways to pretend Superiority, Strength in Logic, Proof in the facts. Left Brain is a numbers man always seeking for more. The rule is Law, says Left Brain.

The fastest to the punch and the Richest rule the World. It’s never enough for the Left Brain. You owe somebody or something…you must each pay your fair share. Fault and Blame do very well here in this side of the Brain. Shame and guilt are it’s engineers. The Left Mind has a Theory…put up or shut up. This mind likes to sell Sacrifice to the degree that instead of choosing this or choosing that…it must be seen as losing from choosing. For example, you could have had a steak but you chose Pasta. Even if you love your Pasta, the Left mind will try to validate the loss of the Steak. Have you ever chosen to go out to eat and cannot seem to make a decision where to go? This one or that one? You pick one and go but they have a huge line or they run out of the Crab you desire. The Mind does everything it can to promote fear and regret for having been free and easy. So you will return to serve this Dictator, Empowering and feeding it by giving it your Energy, or your Will. Free Will is not on this Docket!

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