In life there is always a choice to be made. When making those decisions wouldn’t it be helpful to have information about the processes involved and get clear about how the parts of your mind work.

The Left Mind is a World in itself managing the Bacteria, Infection, Yeast, Emotions and Disease very effectively. The Left Brain cannot Think what only can be felt. The Left Mind is a battlefield. If you want to fight, murder and destroy… the Left Brain will provide the Weapons. If you want to Ascend physical limit, this isn’t the side of the Brain for that. If you would like to practice Mind Aerobics by challenging thought, memorization or sharpening
skills of addition, subtraction, and equation, this is the side that performs these tasks.

The Left and Right side of the Brain have different Natures. The Left side of the Brain has a mind of it’s own, very proud of itself and always chatting. When you try to sit in stillness you will notice the Left side is always reminding you of schedules, duties, analyzing and comparing. The Left Brain is a physical monitor at work 24-7. It’s a busy bee. If you do not take control of what power you give to it then it can become very overbearing. It’s very much like a child when given too much freedom and power it becomes rebellious and full of itself. It’s a protection mechanism. The job of the Left brain is to be a servant to the Master of the house but will take over when potential threat is sensed.

The Left side of the Brain deals with Mathematics, Analysis, Calculations, Thinking, The 5 Senses, Judging, Obeying, Sacrificing, Beliefs, on and on. The Left Brain expresses Anxiety, Controlling, Arguing, Lies, Mocking and Bullying. The Left brain is a Well full of Cruelty and Loss.

Each Side of the Brain is of it’s own Nature. It only knows of itself what it possesses. Since the Left Brain is based in physicality it Doesn’t possess Intuition or Intelligence. Logic is the God of the Left Brain. The Facts matter even though there isn’t full understanding without the Mind that possesses Knowing and Inner sight. The Left will always try to prop itself up by collecting data. It perceives through physical sight which is limited to positioning. Things as they appear are not always as they appear. That doesn’t apply to this Mind. It is a know it all mind. Fight, Anger and Defending… It is Mortal, fallible, imperfect, limited and biased. This Left side is Defensive and Aggressive at Protection. It will even go as far as deluding you into believing that it is your Boss and Creator. That is if you are giving it the job of running the Show. To keep proper functioning of the Mind it must be fed the proper directive From the Proper Director.

The Left side of the Brain is a beautiful gift for experience when guided By Intelligence. When not guided by Intelligence left to it’s own resources, the Left side will deliver up what it has to offer and that is a very mechanical, measured, judging, fear based experience. This Nature is bottomless. Illusion as it’s foundation, a person will feel that they are not enough, lost and alone repeating a cycle of behaviors on a wheel of endless torment under the Employ of the Left side of the Brain. There are many functions to be grateful for and always remember to give credit where credit is due. Getting familiar with the Mind is a valuable thing. The source for Intelligence is found through the Right side of the Brain. While suggesting that Intelligence (Right Brain) be the Master and the Physical (Left Brain) be the Servant I am in every way suggesting that giving the proper job to the proper employee is best when setting off on the adventure called Life. Getting in touch with our thinking and feeling natures will help each of us to better direct our lives.

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