Left Brain – Left Mind

Inside of this World we find a majority of Left Brained people. We can take a look around ourselves and see into the state of affairs clearly seeing the beauty and the beast here. That is if you are aware of what Mind has possessed these things. When we become familiar with the Nature of the Left Brain we see lines, boundary, laws and judgments governing here. This Tapestry of Enforcements has been placed here to quench the desire for Safety and Order. The Left Brain is expressing physical awareness. It does not see the Soul or relate to it. It’s an every man for himself type of Nature. A Mind that is Fragile must sure up its Borders and produce a system of checks and balances. Without Inner Awareness of Strength and Eternal Natures we will see the necessity for Law and Order. For the Wolf will take over the Hen house! We must first possess the Vibration that comes from living Compassion and Charity for the effects to follow. Fear and Despair bare fruits of Fear and Despair. It is most important to remember that when we give up our power to the Left Mind it can only produce what it possesses. If we desire Peace we must practice Peace. The Left Mind Knows nothing of Peace.

The Left Brain has a great purpose in running certain bodily functions and can produce analytics, measurement and equation for dividing and building certain structures but the Left Brain is best suited for being the Servant instead of the Master. Because we haven’t been taught the correct way of living through the Mind of Oneness and completeness, the Left seems to be the sure mind, the mind of order. Do not be fooled into believing for one moment that the Left Brain can bring you to the promised land. It’s a Brain based in Fear. The Left Brain is an empty puppet without a puppeteer. The Intention, the Insight, the Will to feel and create comes from the Right Brain. You see… the Left Brain is all talk with pride and ego running the show. The Left Brain does not possess the Intelligence to exist beyond physical limit.

The Left Brain is perfect for giving us the 5 sensory experience. It delivers the messages that it receives very well. Even to our detriment like confusion. It will produce the fruit from confusion in our body as the message received makes place in our body specific to where it relates to its function. Function like Anger/Liver, loss of the Sweetness of life/Pancreas etc… The two sided meaning to the Brain as Left and Right will aid us in mentoring our life from the proper sourcing. We have a choice to give away our power to the machine like rules and regulations type of mind or choose to turn to Eternal Intelligence unlimited where Ease and Clarity are found. Here at “Enter The Right Mind” we choose Ease and Clarity! Celebrating life is sooo much funner than measuring up!

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