Right Mind?

There are all sorts of choices to be made throughout our lives. Bringing clarity about what the Right side of the Brain has to offer is what I will be sharing with you today. The Right Mind is a Creative Mind. This Mind is based in existence. Surety and Peace are found here. This is the Mind that requires stillness to access. The Right Mind is about Identity. There is Warmth, Release, Color, Goodness, Health, Radiance, Unity, Laughter, Talents and Vision found here.

In making a decision, which side of the Brain to source for Guidance and Direction for life, it is best to look at the Nature of each Mind. The Nature of the Right Mind is Love. Everything that comes from the Right Mind is based in Love. There is Light, Inspiration, Purpose, Attention, Charity, Honor and Happiness within it. When sourcing this side of the brain the Ideas that come through are also based in Love. Not kissy, huggy, flighty or whimsical, that is not Love. The True meaning of Love is found through the All Knowing, Saviour or Christ Mentality. It feeds, It heals, It Blesses, It raises the dead, It saves, It is the Comforter, It Lives beyond the Physical.

Love is the Power that builds, uplifts and brings Clarity. It is Effervescent and Responsive. Love Lights the Way for all who desire without invading or imposing on another’s Free Will. It is the Master, The Seer, The Wise one. This is the Mind of Brilliance and Contentment. This Mind is a Leader that brings invitation by Embrace. This Mind is true Freedom. Everything that the Right Mind gives it gives inclusively, for all to receive.

This Mind Identifies as God. If you see these things as Religious then that is for you to work out. What is within this side of the Mind is a Portal of Eternal Natures. You can trust in this Mind to Lead you to the Promised Land. This Mind can lead you to the Tree of Life.

Beginning a practice in Right Mindedness is a journey worth taking. Focusing on the Goodness, the Gratitude and Laughter will begin your ascension process. It’s that simple.

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