Enter the RIGHT Mind!

Do you find yourself spending more and doing more but still feeling empty? Do you ever think that if you just had more of something then you would be happy? Have you spent your life in search of something only to find that the searching never ends?

At ENTER-THE-RIGHT-MIND our main goal is to help you access the RIGHT door to the RIGHT answer. Join us in this journey, finding happiness and answers to all of life's questions.







There is no coincidence in life. Life has meaning, life has purpose and direction.

You cannot find what you are not looking for, so join us in this wonderful adventure.

Your Journey Starts Here!

Choose the RIGHT MIND!


The RIGHT mind is a place of BEING. It is the place where PEACE, LOVE, JOY, and HAPPINESS exist already. It is a place of freedom and possibilities.

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Unleashing Your Creative Mind

When we tune our-self with the RIGHT mind, amazing things happen. Unleash the creativity in you , and everyone will benefit!

Right Mindedness promotes Clarity, Honesty, Happiness, Joyful feelings, Peacemaking and Unifying.


Left Mind

This is the logical mind, the analytical mind. Where all the questions originate. It's the DOING mind.

Left Mind

Judgement * work * anger * hate * frustration * confusion * pride * separateness * fear * divided * envy

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Right Mind

This is the creative mind, the intelligent mind, the connection to our Creator. The BEING mind.

Right Mind

Love * kindness * joy * peace * happiness * ease * ideas * imagination * creativeness * oneness * power

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